Volume-1, Issue-1

S. No Volume-1 Issue-1, November 2021Pages No.
1Authors Name:R. K. Shukla, Amrit Kumar Mishra and Susheel Kumar Singh1 - 09
Paper Title:Bandgap engineering of the perovskite materials for solar cell applications
2Authors Name:Arvind Kumar Verma, R. K. Shukla and Susheel Kumar Singh10-16
Paper Title:Optical analysis of Cadmium doped Selenium-rich Glassy Chalcogenide
3Authors Name:Nishant Kumar and Anu Katiyar17-23
Paper Title:Sol-gel Spin Coating method for thin film deposition
4Authors Name:Byanju Rai and Ratnakar Dutt Shukla24-31
Paper Title:An overview of Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs): An emerging class of green solvents
5Authors Name:Pavan Kumar, Vinay Kumar Shukla32-36
Paper Title:Porphyrin as a Biomarker for the detection of COVID-19 using fluorescence spectroscopy on human body fluids: an analogical approach