We follow a triple peer review process system and carry out two tiers of the review process. All the submitted papers are reviewed at the editorial board level in the first tier based on their technical suitability for the journal, aim and scope, and plagiarism. The paper is reviewed by three experts for a fair and unbiased double-blind peer review process. If the paper is selected by the editorial board, then a second tier review takes place. The second tier review is conducted for originality, novelty, clarity, completeness, relevance, significance, and research contributions. Based on the reviewers’ remarks, the paper may be placed into one of the following categories:

  • Accepted
  • Accepted with major revision
  • Accepted with minor revision 
  • Rejected

If recommended by the Reviewers, the papers may undergo multiple review cycles before finally being accepted. The final acceptance of the paper is considered based on remarks by all three reviewers and the editorial board’s decision.  The period of the review process may be  to 8 to 10 weeks depends upon the required review cycles. After this detailed review process, if the paper is finally accepted, the decision about the issue in which the paper will be published will be taken by the editorial board, and the corresponding author will be informed, accordingly.

Final Proof of the Paper: After acceptance author must submit the manuscript/paper finally as per the paper template. Authors are expected to incorporate all suggestion (If any) given by the reviewers. Proofreading is solely the authors’ responsibility.